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A bit about me:

My name is Matt DeCamp, a front-end web developer and music industry professional based in Athens, Georgia.

While my web experience dates back to the age of GeoCities, I've been building websites professionally for a little over a decade for clients and friends across industries.

You mentioned the music industry...

Yes! For the last fifteen years I have been an active member of the local Athens music scene as an artist manager, digital marketer, recording engineer and overall ally of musicians and performers.

In that time my primary occupation has been as the Digital and Archive Manager for the band Widespread Panic.

Okay, more about the web stuff

I am actually in the middle of a professional transition from the music industry to the tech. Though I've been a part of the tech industry for most of my professional life, only now am I making the shift to it full-time.

Recent Web Projects


When I'm not coding I am hanging out with my wife, our son and our cattle dog.

I'm a voracious music listener; longtime guitar player; avid reader; a swimming and running enthusiast; and a budding photographer.

I also love absurdist humor and a good cup of coffee.


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